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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Welcome to The Butterfly Bonsai

The Butterfly Bonsai is a not for profit company created in the memory of my beloved daughter, Sandra Ann Collins Neff, and my late mother, Sandra Ann Brown.

Sandra Ann Brown- My mother

My mother was born: January 9, 1942 and left us, March 18, 1982.
My daughter was born July 3, 1990 and left us January 9, 2011.
My daughter was named for my mother and left us on my mother's birthday.

My mother gave me my love of cooking, baking, and food preservation.
My daughter showed me the true meaning of unconditional love.
She was literally: 20 Years of Sunshine and Love.
Yes, she had her physical, mental, and emotional problems, but she loved me, and I knew that. I miss her!
My daughter - Sandra Ann Collins Neff

The Butterfly Bonsai aims to teach low income people how to garden, cook what they garden, and preserve what they garden for future use.
The Butterfly Bonsai aims to teach people basic animal husbandry, how to butcher and preserve the meats that they produce.
The Butterfly Bonsai wants to help people become self sufficient. To not have to rely on the government to feed their own families.

The Butterfly Bonsai also has a Facebook page, locate at: https://www.facebook.com/TheButterflyBonsai
The Butterfly Bonsai has a fund-raising page located at: http://gogetfunding.com/project/the-butterfly-bonsai

I am NOT a good blogger. I admit that. I do keep the Facebook page updated regularly, and do most of my posting through that. I do host one other page for Margo's Kitchen, but I will slowly be morphing that page over to The Butterfly Bonsai.

My eventual goal, is to have a small coffee shop that will host all of the jams and jellies I create for The Butterfly Bonsai with Margo's Kitchen profits.

I have 2 current cookbooks that send monies back into The Butterfly Bonsai:

Jello Shots CookBook
They are also available free to Kindle Prime members from the library for Kindle.
These can be read on Kindle, Android, or your computer!

Margo's Kitchen Jelly Cookbook - Over 100 Different Jelly Recipes for your Kitchen.

Margo's Kitchen Jello Shots Recipes - Over 90 Jello Shot Recipes

I have a small Amazon store front that sells jams and jellies. All proceeds go back into making more jams and jellies and any profits go to fund The Butterfly Bonsai's needs:


Thank you!

I will be posting many recipes, gardening tips, recycling ideas, and household tips as time goes on.
Take care,
Margaret Pritchett - Sandra's Mom!