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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What to do with used wrapping paper and wrapping paper scraps

What to do with your used wrapping paper and wrapping paper scraps

Taken from Yahoo

If you're the kind of person that unwraps gifts (or watches others unwrap them), heroically saves the wrapping paper scraps before they're tossed in the trash, then searches for creative ways to use them online, then this article is for you. Raise your hand and repeat: "I'm a craft supply hoarder!"
But in all seriousness, some wrapping paper is just too beautiful to end up in the garbage. Some prints are like works of art, and even the scraps deserve to be reincarnated into fun, inventive crafts. So here are twenty-five creative ways to use those wrapping paper scraps:

1. Use them to paper-mache a bowl, by dipping them in glue and draping over a bowl form (this can also be done with tissue paper).
2. Decoupage a light switch cover.
3. Cut colorful snowflakes from the wrapping paper, then frame against white paper.
4. Create a winter collage (or a collage for any season).
5. Decoupage a serving tray.
6. Cut plain white snowflakes from printer paper, then frame against the colorful wrapping paper.
7. Cut into strips to use as patterned ribbon.
8. Cut two different patterns of wrapping paper scraps into strips, then weave together. Glue the ends in place, then laminate to make colorful place mats.
9. Cut into squares, then glue onto a large piece of paper to create a patchwork-style place mat. Laminate when dry.
10. Cut clothing shapes for paper dolls.
11. Use the wrapping paper scraps to make homemade greeting cards for next year's holiday season.
12. Create colorful gift tags.
13. Make patterned place cards for a Christmas or birthday dinner.
14. Crumple your wrapping paper scraps into little balls. Cut out a wreath shape from a piece of cardboard, then glue the crumbled paper balls onto the wreath, covering it. This makes a fun holiday decoration!
15. Cover toilet paper or paper towel tubes with wrapping paper, then string together on twine for a colorful, patterned garland.
16. Make cone-style paper party hats for your next birthday party.
17. Decoupage over drawer pulls.
18. Cut wrapping paper scraps into long, stretched out triangles. Roll up tight with a drop of glue to make colorful beads for jewelry.
19. Decoupage over a flat bangle bracelet.
20. Decoupage over a wooden name plate, then paint your family's last name or your house number on the front, and display outside your home.
21. Cut large block letters from various patterns of wrapping paper scraps, then mount onto a neutral background. This is a great, colorful way to make a name sign for your child's bedroom.
22. Cut all the letters of the alphabet or numbers 0 - 9 from your paper scraps, and decoupage onto a neutral background to make colorful wall art for your child's nursery.
23. Cut out shapes from the paper, then attach to your child's bedroom walls - a solar system, stars on the ceiling, butterflies, etc.
24. Make a mobile.
25. Simply frame beautiful scraps of wrapping paper as they are, for a unique piece of wall art.
26. Make a used wrapping paper wreath - Directions here.

See, here are twenty-five perfectly good and creative reasons you should save those leftover wrapping paper scraps from the trash. Now, get crafting!