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Friday, January 24, 2014

Remembering Wally Rankin (Papa)

Wallace (Wally) Rankin

 Wally (Papa) Rankin
8/31/1944 - 1/24/2007

Beloved Papa! We miss you!

Dear Wally,
You were there for me and my girls when no one else ever was.
You gave so much of yourself, not just to your family and friends, but to your Country and your Community!
I love you! My girls love you! Your friends love you!
I miss you more than I have words for, and you are always close to my heart.
Your sense of humor has been unmatched, your love and generosity renown!
I only pray that there is an afterlife. That you are there enjoying the sunshine and the beaches. That you are walking hand-in-hand with our Sandra. That you are at peace.
I miss you!
Thank you for being the father and friend that I needed.
I will forever have a hole in my heart without you here!