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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Seed Starting Time!

Seed Starting Time!

I live in Southwest Central Louisiana. In my area, I am in Zone 8 for gardening zones. It is mid-January, so for me, it is seed starting time!

I have already started many different plants, but I am also starting many others.

Broccoli, cauliflower, different peppers, nasturtiums, marigolds, brussel sprouts, cabbage, artichokes, and many more....
Cilantro, dill, lemon basil, parsley, more...

I have used plants pots, egg cartons, Dixie cups, and now I am getting ready to start making newspaper pots.

I have a specific reason for wanting to use newspaper pots. I want to start some of my corn inside this year, and some of my okra inside this year. Corn has a fragile root system, and with the newspaper pots, I can transplant directly into the ground with very little shock to the root system. I have noticed that the starter pots that I purchase, they do not break down as easily, and cause some issues with the plant root system. So I normally remove them from the pots before putting into the ground.

I found this link for making newspaper pots: Here

I like to use a mixture of potting soil, peat, and vermiculite for starting my seeds in. I use my old potting soil from my inside plants and then mix that with vermiculite and peat. I also use a fertilizer when wetting and mixing.

This is a great way to use up egg cartons, old plastic lids, old cookie sheets, and other household items that you do not use any more.