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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Diet, Is DIE with a "T"

Diet, is DIE with a "T"

The following is my PERSONAL OPINION!
This is NOT a proven theory, but what works for me personally!

I see many people "dieting". I see these people starving themselves literally, starving their bodies of precious nutrients, and basically killing themselves.

At one time, I weighed 285. Yes, I was very large. Now, I weigh about 160. I am NOT a "skinny-Minnie", but I am at least healthy again!

Too many people start diets that send them down an avenue of deprivation, starvation, and plain idiocy!

If you remove ALL the fun foods, good foods, and yes, just food, you are NOT going to maintain that diet!

You must feed your body, as well as your mind and soul, in the process of losing weight!
You MUST do some type of exercise. This does NOT mean you have to get out and run 50 miles a day, or lift 500 pounds a week to do this. Get up and actually MOVE! Find a way to increase your heart rate for a bit!
For me, this is gardening, dancing through my housework, and actually just going to work. I play fetch with my dogs, I enjoy walking, and for a while I studied Tae Kwon Do. You have to find what works for you. I have bad knees and arthritis, so impact anything, hurts! Where I live now, I do not have access to swimming, so I walk. 

Learn to EAT! Eat REAL food! Cut back on the processed foods. Yes, they are treats, and yes you can have them, but limit their quantities and what time of day you do eat them.

You MUST have fats in your diet. Get away from margarine. Learn to use REAL butter again. Learn how to cook with olive and coconut oils.

You MUST have protein in your diet. LOTS of protein! And try to ALWAYS eat lots of protein when you are eating carbohydrates. More protein then the carbs!  The protein will fill you up and keep you full LONGER!!! Also, protein builds and maintains muscle!!!

Yes, have your treats! I adore ice cream! I now purchase or make REAL ice cream. get away from the FAKE FOODS!!! Your bod knows how to process real food, but gets confused when trying to process fake foods.

Learn how to cook!! Eat vegetables! Green leafy veggies are the best, but I adore corn and potatoes also. The biggest difference, is that I eat REAL foods again!

Learn how to cut back on your portions. Yes, I believe that the portions that the nutritionists say you are supposed to have are way too small, but I have cut way back. Look at your plates. Can you get one size smaller? too many of us have absolutely HUGE dinner plates. Make the plates smaller, and the serving size looks larger.

And the biggest advice I have for you? DRINK WATER!!!! LOTS OF WATER!!! At least 2 gallons a day if you are able to do so. You will rehydrate your system, flush out the toxins, and if you drink 1-2 cups before each meal, you will cut back on your portions!

Again, these are my personal opinions.

Have a blessed day!